Dynamic Supply Chain (DSC) is a SME, and member of a multi-million dollar group of companies, covering all major commercial and industrial centers and possesses an authentic and well-designed supply chain network which ensures speedy response and swift availability of services. The Logistic Team makes the most efficient use of available resources and strains to maximize value by designing ideal transportation and logistics routes.
Most importantly, the logistic team is fully capable of providing Tailor-made Solutions, whereby the resources can be customized as per the product specifications, suited completely to your organizational needs.
The team at DSC comprises of young executives, experienced professionals and leading mentors. They are ready to provide integrated solutions for your business’s supply chain needs. The team is aided with extensive experience, research and insight into the Freight and Logistics industry as well as Public Relations with various service vendors, customers, port authorities, environmental agencies, etc.
Being a part of a multi-million dollar group of Companies based out of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The group has several subsidiaries and branches in almost all the continents of the World specializes in information technology products, electronics manufacturing, business consulting, financial management, distribution and logistics.

Responding to the growing needs of modern trade, our network exists around the globe featuring strong relationships with major commercial airlines.

For intercontinental transportation of cargo, we offer intelligent logistic solutions with carriers which ensure high level of quality, security and efficiency in the carriage of your goods.