Perishables and Times Sensitive Shipment

Perishables and Times Sensitive Shipment

For door-to-door refrigerated and perishables supply chain requirements, we have integrated logistics solutions which are designed suiting to your organizational requirement.
It is very essential for Temperature-sensitive to comply with strict local and international regulations, quality standards and safety requirements. We meet with all such complications with dedication and expertise.
Our flexible portfolio of services (Air & Sea) means that transit times can be set according to the quick changes in price and demand, and to provide you an edge over your competitors.

Temperature-controlled cargoes commonly handled by DSC include:

  • Foodstuffs – perishable and non-perishable
  • Electronics
  • Chemicals
  • Pharmaceuticals

Careful Monitoring

Our intelligent monitoring systems combined with state-of-the-art logisitic facilities ensures that the combination of cargo temperature requirements and climatic variation is always maintained in accordance with your logistic requirement.

Our dedicated staff ensures that the shelf life of your cargo is maintained at the maximum possible level and they monitor the movements of your cargo carefully to keep you and your team updated all the times.